Zumapoop is a community project that provides dignified, playful and sustainable restrooms for kids in Moctezuma, Mexico.

Moctezuma is an informal community in the suburbs of Oaxaca, Mexico, that lacks water and sanitation infrastructure. In parallel Zumapoop also runs a fun educational program about hygiene habits tailored specifically for children.

We need $3,000 US  to carry out the project. So we did some T-Shirts to try to raise the money. 

This amount allows us to:

1. Purchase construction materials, most of which are produced by local artisans using regional techniques and sustainable, inexpensive sources.

2. Hire skilled workers like carpenters, metal workers, and earth construction masters that will share techniques with the community and volunteers.
Every cent goes directly to the community, no BS hidden expenses. Buy our T-Shirt and you will be supporting this project in unimaginable ways.

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How Does It Work?

Dry-toilets require no water and all the waste (poop) is composted through a natural, proven process based on WASH (Water And Sanitation for Health) principles. It is safe, clean and odor-free. The nutritious fertilizer is then distributed to the local community or used in La Casita’s organic farm. The hand-washing units will use harvested rainwater collected from the roof. We will build the children-centric restrooms in the most sustainable way: Using local construction techniques like rammed earth walls and locally produced materials like roof and wall tiles and reclaimed wood. These are also the cheapest materials locally available! Educators, parents, volunteers and of course, the children have been involved in Zumapoop from the beginning and are increasingly more excited. The restrooms will be built by community volunteers together with skilled construction masters. In the end, anyone in this waterless region will be able to build and proudly use his or her own sustainable restroom.

Impact, Now and Future

ZumaPoop will immediately benefit the more than 30 people who use the facilities at La Casita every day, most of them children which lack a restroom in their own home; the dry-toilets will improve hygiene habits and can diminish disease risks.

Besides the immediate benefits of the new toilets, the educational component of Zumapoop - targeted to children - will be able to continue educating kids on the benefits of sustainable hygiene in years to come. La Casita is fully committed to properly maintain the dry-toilets once construction is completed and the local team of architects and agronomists will be supervising the maintenance of the composting toilets and guiding the community through the composting process and its agricultural uses.

Most importantly, we hope that the use of dry-toilets will encourage responsible use of water resources, and that the composting will encourage recycling waste into fertilizer. Educating the local community on dry-toilet construction techniques can have a long-lasting impact in a community that now suffers from economic, health and environmental challenges.

Who Are We?

Zumapoop is a joint initiative by:

La Casita is a free daycare that serves disadvantaged kids in Moctezuma. This women-led non-profit organization was founded in 1989. It provides after-school education for free to underserved children of Moctezuma and often doubles as a community center with activities extended to the whole family. La Casita is considered the heart of Moctezuma neighborhood.

Oficina is an architectural practice with focus on social impact. Oficina establishes tight collaborations with community groups around the globe and uses architecture and construction as a tools to create dignified places and communities. With a design-build approach, design is done together with the community and construction-sites are activated as a learning place for everyone involved.

Octavio Lopez, is a local architect with expertise in earth and bamboo construction. Octavio conducts multiple community architectural and construction projects in Oaxaca and Yucatan.

Farina Pakulat studied agroecology and is an expert in urban farming and community gardens. She integrates the teams of various rural and urban projects in the Oaxaca region. 

Bráulio Amado is an illustrator based in NYC and designed this awesome T-shirt. João Almeida helped us build this website. The T-shirts were screenprinted in Portugal with the support of Ricardo Avelino of I Love LX.

People Talking About Poop

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #6 calls for universal access to adequate and equitable sanitation and the end of open defecation by 2030. 
It’s that Important!


Talk to us: joana.oficinadesign@gmail.com

Thank You